Tutorial: Setting Up a Class and Curriculum

  1. You must have a verified account with Sky Class. Click here to register. It's free!
  2. Login and go to Teachers > My Classes. This is the page on which you will be managing all your content except your file uploads.
  3. To add your first class, Double click the box which says New Class. You will see a blank class appear on the left. If you already have a class, you can drag and drop the New Class box either before or after one of the classes on the left. (Or you can double-click it, to add a new class to the end of your list.)
  4. Double click the new, blank class on the left to edit it.
  5. Fill in the title of the class, the last date for which you will accept enrollments, and a description. The description before enrollment is what prospective students see when they enter your registration code but before they complete enrollment. The description after enrollment is what students see when they view the class on the web site after they enroll. Check the visible box if you are ready to accept enrollments. (If this box is not checked, students cannot enroll nor can they access your class through their Alexa device.)
  6. Double click the box which says New Section to add a new section to the class. Each class must have at least one section in it. A section is a folder that contains a collection of slides. A test (a group of slides which record the student's response) must be in its own section, but content slides can be in any section, and can link to one another, even in different sections. Use sections to keep your content organized. (Putting too many slides in one section makes them hard to manage.)
  7. Double click the new, blank section on the left to edit it.
  8. Create a title for the section. This is purely for your reference; it is not visible to the student.
  9. Double click the box which says New Slide to add a new slide to the class. A slide contains content that you want Alexa to deliver. The first slide in the first section you create is the opening content that students will access when they enter your class. So you will want to use this slide as a welcome message and to offer them a top-level menu.
  10. Double click the new, blank slide on the left to edit it.
  11. Give the slide a title. This title is displayed in the Alexa app. If you want Alexa to read the title when she delivers the information in the slide, check the Include Title box. Otherwise, she will not read the title.
  12. Select the prompt for this slide. The prompt is the type of options you will offer them for making a selection after they listen to the slide. You must make a selection to save the slide, but you can change it later. Go down and type in the speech content you wish Alexa to deliver. Keep in mind that the total length of the response must be less than 8000 characters or else there will be an error when Alexa tries to deliver it.
  13. Click Save. Now go back by clicking the Return to Slides button at the top, and add additional slides. It is recommended that you not use your browser's back button -- use the breadcrumb navigation at the top or the Return buttons.
  14. Once you have the slides created, it is time to connect them using prompts. Double click a slide to edit it. Click the Edit Slide bar at the top to reveal the fields and to pick the kind of prompt from the list. Typically used prompts are Numbered Options (for a menu of options) or Next (to direct them to a single slide after they listen to this one).
  15. Double click the New Option box at the bottom to add an option. An option is a prompt which leads them to another slide. If you have designated this slide as a Next prompt, you only need one option. If you have designated this slide as offering Numbered Options, you can have up to 10. (But keep in mind that 10 is a long list to pick from.)
  16. Double click the blank, new option at the bottom on the left side of the box. Clicking the right side will not open the option.
  17. If this is a Next prompt (or yes/no, or true/false) you only have to pick the slide you wish to link this to. Note that you first select the section, and then a slide within that section. If it is a numbered option, you also need to type in the description for this option, so that people know what the number corresponds to. This is the speech that Alexa will read when it offers this option. (If it is Next, True, False, Yes, or No, Alexa will read the corresponding prompt automatically.) It should now be obvious why you created the slides before adding the options. You would not otherwise have anything to link the prompt to. Make sure that all your slides have prompts which link to other slides.
  18. Keep in mind that you can reorder the options (as well as the slides, sections, and classes) by dragging and dropping them into a new order.
  19. Once all your slides are created and they are linked to one another by prompts, you can launch your class. You can make the class visible, and provide students with the registration code (which can be copied from the field which is visible when you edit the class).

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