Tutorial: Adding a Test to Your Class

  1. You must have an existing class before adding a test. Refer to the tutorial on creating a class and adding content to it before adding a test.
  2. Login and go to Teachers > My Classes. This is the page on which you will be managing all your content except your file uploads. Double click the class you're adding the test to.
  3. A test is a special kind of section within your class. The slides in that section are the questions in the test. As students answer the question, their choices will be recorded. To create a new test, you first create a section for it. Double click the box which says New Section to add a new section to the class. Keep in mind that all the questions (slides) for this test will reside in the same section. When the student leaves the section, the test is complete.
  4. Double click the new, blank section on the left to edit it.
  5. Create a title for the section. The title of the section is only for your reference, but it is also the name of the test, so name it in a way that is descriptive.
  6. Check the box which says This is a test. This is how the system knows that it should record the student's choices for this section, and it reveals some additional options for each question.
  7. Double click the box which says New Slide to add a new slide to the class. The slides are the questions. You can also have a slide (at the end) which tells the student how they did on the test. As mentioned in the earlier tutorial, you will want to create all the slides before you connect them using options.
  8. Double click the new, blank slide on the left to edit it.
  9. Give the slide a title. This title is displayed in the Alexa app. E.g., Question 1. If you want Alexa to read the title when she delivers the information in the slide, check the Include Title box. (This is typical for a test, where the title is the number of the question.) Otherwise, she will not read the title.
  10. Select the prompt you will be using for this test. Anything except the Next prompt is a recorded answer. Go down and type in the speech content you wish Alexa to deliver. This is the question you are asking. Keep in mind that the total length of the response must be less than 8000 characters or else there will be an error when Alexa tries to deliver it.
  11. There is a checkbox which asks if you want Alexa to inform the student if they got the question right. If you check this, Alexa will tell the student after they give their answer, and before the next slide is read.
  12. Click Save. Now go back by clicking the Return to Slides button at the top, and add additional slides, one per question, plus a slide at the end to tally the results. It is recommended that you not use your browser's back button -- use the breadcrumb navigation at the top or the Return buttons.
  13. The last slide will present the student with the results of the test (if you want -- it's up to you). You can use 3 tags within the copy, which Alexa will fill in dynamically when she reads the slide. [questions] is the total number of questions the student has completed. [right] is the number they answered correctly. [wrong] is the number they answered incorrectly. So for example, you might enter a sentence like this: Out of [questions] questions, you answered [right] correctly and [wrong] incorrectly.
  14. Once you have the slides created, it is time to connect them using prompts. Double click a slide to edit it.
  15. Double click the New Option box at the bottom to add an option. An option is a prompt which leads them to another slide. Normally for a test, the options all link to the next question.
  16. Double click the blank, new option at the bottom on the left side of the box. Clicking the right side will not open the option.
  17. You have the ability to designate if this is a correct answer or not. (This checkbox is only visible if this is a test; normal slides do not have this option.) Next, you will pick the slide you wish to take them to after they have given a response. As mentioned, whatever the answer, you will typically be taking them to the next question.
  18. The very last slide should have a Next prompt to leave the test and take the student to a content section within your class. When they leave this section, the test is flagged as complete. It is for this reason that all the questions in a test must reside in the same section.

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