Sky Class for Teachers

Sky Class is an Alexa skill that anyone can enable at no charge. By creating an account at, students or trainees can register for a class and then interact with it using their Alexa device. You create classes and curriculum and provide them the registration code. When they type it in on the web site, they have instant access to your class and training material the next time they launch the Alexa skill.

Stream Your Own MP3 files

The curriculum you set up is voice activated. Students listen as Alexa shares information with them (or optionally, an MP3 track can stream your own voice through their device) and then can choose from the options you provide them. They can browse to additional packages of material based on their selection and the pathways you set up. It can be as simple as saying "Next" to reach the next slide, or they can make specific choices which guide them. This permits self-learning along paths that you set up but which the student controls.

Coming Soon - Streaming Video

This summer, Amazon will release the Echo Look. It's an Alexa-enabled device with a built-in screen. Using Sky Class, you will be able to stream video as part of your class, in the same way you can currently stream MP3 audio.

Tests and Reporting

You can also create tests, which record the student or trainee's response before moving to the next question. You can optionally give them immediate feedback, so that they know if they got the question right. In the end, you can share the results of the examination with them, if you choose, but regardless, you have the ability to download reporting on each student's activity and test results. You can see when they logged in, what curriculum they have browsed, and how they answered questions (and their score on any examinations they completed).

Depending on your plan (the basic plan is free), you can have unlimited students, with an unlimited amount of content for them to browse. You can provide the registration code to specific individuals, or you can post it for general access to your class. You can (through your own mechanism) monetize access to that registration code, if you'd like to charge a fee for your curriculum. The sky's the limit.

Possible applications for Sky Class include:

  • Guided stories or games through a single Amazon device used in a single classroom setting
  • Self-paced learning
  • Corporate training that people can take at their own pace, in the privacy of their homes
  • Interactive customer service
  • Step by step instructions that are easily accessible for your employee, husband, babysitter, high school student
  • Guided learning for the visually impaired


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