Control Access to Your Content

If you have a class or seminar that requires registration and payment, Sky Class can allow you to simplify your content delivery. Each class is automatically assigned a private, secure code. Students can only register using this code, and Alexa devices tied to the same Amazon account require a unique account on our system.

This means that only people to whom you provide the registration code can access your content. When they use the registration code, their account information will show up in the student list associated with your class. You can validate that only the people you have designated are enrolled. This means you can conduct your own preregistration (including payment) before providing them with the code.

MP3 files that you upload to the web site are held in a secure location, not accessible from the public internet as a direct download. They are activated for streaming by virtue of the Amazon cloud. Similarly, documents that you upload and associate with a slide (a chunk of content) for automated email are not accessible except by the students in your class. Your content is only available to the specific individuals to whom you have provided the registration code, and you can see and monitor the individuals who register (and if necessary, block them from accessing your content).

Using Sky Class, you could create "free" and "paid" versions of your class. One can be a short demo of your content that you make freely accessible, and the paid version can provide the full content that you wish to monetize. You simply control access to the paid content carefully.

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