Sky Class for Students

Sky Class is an Alexa skill that allows teachers to set up self-guided curriculum that streams through an Amexa-enabled device. They can load up "slides" with content that Alexa speaks, then provide a menu of selections that allow you to browse to more slides of information.The slides can contain streaming mp3 files, including training seminars and class lectures. Once an instructor has loaded their content, they provide their students with an enrollment code.

To join their class, you need to create an account on this web site, and then enter the enrollment code. You will immediately be provided with any information pertinent to the class, and your teacher will be able to see that you have completed registration.

The next step is to enable the skill. Just say, "Alexa, enable Sky Class," and the skill will be available to you. Now say, "Alexa, launch Sky Class." The very first time you begin, say "Link my account," and a login will appear on the Alexa app on your phone. Login with your Sky Class login, and your Alexa device will identify you automatically when you launch the skill. It will take you directly to the class you registered for or, if you have registered for more than one class, it will offer you a menu of all your classes to pick from.

While you are browsing the content your teacher has provided, you might be asked to complete a test. Alexa can deliver voice-activated quizzes which record your responses for your teacher to view. Your teacher can also see the amount of time you have spent with their class content.

There is no cost to use Sky Class as a student!

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