Sky Class is a way for you to create a voice-activated experience that anyone can access using an Alexa-enabled device.

Using the web site, you tell Alexa what to say, and what choices to offer people. They interact with your content with their Alexa device. As they respond, they are connected to even more content, in whatever manner you choose. We refer to your content as a class, but it can be

  • a home study curriculum
  • how-to tips
  • an interactive user manual
  • a class that coaches people in personal development
  • a bedtime story to read to children
  • instructions on how to solve various problems
  • a series of recordings you want to share
  • a lecture on a topic that people want to learn about
  • a training guide for your employees
  • a sales presentation for your customers

Anyone in the world with an Alexa device has the ability to reach your content, but only if you share the registration code with them. This allows you to control access, and the content is private, for as few or as many people as you choose. You can see everyone who has registered for your class, and how often they access it.

Once Alexa says something, you can offer people a series of prompts before you take them to more information. The prompt can be simply the word "Next." Or it can be several choices, each of which lead to different topics. Or it can be a yes/no or true/false response.

Joining a Class

Sky Class isn't just for people creating classes; it is also for the people joining them. If someone has given you a registration code for a class, you can use Sky Class to access their content. You register at the site and enter the code. The next time you launch Sky Class on your Alexa device, you will experience the content they created. You can register for any number of classes.


Sky Class can be used to create tests, which are questions that have answers which are recorded. This means that as people make choices, the answers they pick are collected, and you can see how they did. You can therefore not only present information for people, but interactively quiz them about it. This will allow you to gauge their level of participation with your content.

Streaming Audio

Sky Class can be used to make Alexa say anything you'd like. But it doesn't stop there. You can have Alexa launch streaming MP3 audio files as she delivers regular voice-interactive content. This means you can use Sky Class to stream recordings of your voice, or any other audio track you'd like to share. You can take extended recordings of your lectures, sermons, group discussions, seminars, sales presentations, and training seminars, and deliver them on-demand in the content of other content you create. 

So you could (for example) set up a class that allows someone to review study questions (read by Alexa), listen to past lectures (chosen from a menu, each of which streams an audio file) or take a quiz to check their understanding of the material.

Sky Class includes an interface for uploading and storing MP3 files. You can even create a voice memo on your phone and post it directly to Sky Class for someone to listen to, down to the moment.

Coming Soon - Streaming Video

This summer, Amazon will release the Echo Look. It's an Alexa-enabled device with a built-in screen. Using Sky Class, you will be able to stream video as part of your class, in the same way you can currently stream MP3 audio.

Emailed Requests for More Information

For any piece of content, you can offer people the ability to request more information, and an email will be sent to them automatically with a document attached (e.g., a PDF). You can create and upload any number of documents to associate with your content.


In addition to managing your class lists and content, Sky Class gives you the ability to run reporting on your class "attendance" (i.e., the percentage of your content that people have visited). You can see when people have used their Alexa device to visit your class, and how far they got. You can also export the results of their tests.

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