What is Alexa?

Alexa is the voice interface that allows you to locate information, manage your calendar, play games, and interact with every aspect of life without needing to look at a screen. As you are driving, relaxing, or multi-tasking, you can engage Alexa with a simple word.

Alexa is the interactive voice service that is integrated into all of Amazon's new devices: the Echo, Tap, Dot, Fire TV, and Fire tablets. But it doesn't stop there; Alexa is being integrated into home products and automobiles. Soon everyone will be driving and simultaneously interacting with Alexa. Alexa is even available on your iPhone, using the Amazon shopping app. That means hand-free interaction with a wide range of Alexa skills, like Sky Class.

Why interact using your voice and not a screen, you ask? Because it's easy. Do you remember the computer, on the Star Trek series? Captain Kirk never used a screen.

People will be able to access your content using Sky Class while they are driving around, or any other time they are not in front of a screen. Or simply don't want to go to the trouble, even if a screen is available. Nothing is easier than simply asking for what you need. Alexa makes that possible, for you and your whole family.

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