You know that class your kids need to take? The one where you’re the teacher, and they listen carefully to what you tell them? Sky Class makes that a reality. Well, at least the class part.

Posting a list of instructions on the refrigerator can be helpful, until it's buried and your family can't find it. Or when your house guests are over but don't remember how to turn on the TV. Or reset the air conditioning. And the babysitter -- where are those emergency diapers hidden? With Sky Class, you can leave instructions for everyone in the house.

Just create a class and create opening options. It might go something like this: Say "one" to remember what to pack for a trip. Say "two" for dinner options for the kids. Say "three" if the toilet gets clogged (again). Say "four" for a list of phone numbers to call. You can use Sky Class to leave voice memos. Record a "lecture" on your phone, and upload it. It's available right away, the next time they launch Sky Class. Alexa will become the repository of all the information you want to have on hand, for anyone who wants to ask for it.

All you have to do is create your own student account, and register for your own class on your Alexa device. When you launch Sky Class, you will automatically be taken directly to your content. But since no one else has the registration code, your information is private to your household. Unless, of course, you want to use it to create a "lesson" for your college student, to access from their dorm room...

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