Sky Class for Business

Sky Class is a way to put gated content in place for your customers and employees.


Post-sale, your customers might need some support. Sky Class gives you a way to package information that can accessed by voice from their home (or anywhere they happen to have an Alexa-enabled device, which increasingly will include automobiles, phones, and laptops). This can be a "class" that is a user manual, with topics that offer critical content through a spoken command. It can be a series of frequently asked questions and answers, or steps to troubleshoot a problem. It can also offer a way for them to request documents by email delivery, simply by asking for it. All you have to do is create a customer support class, and give your clients the registration code.

Pre-sale, you can use the power of Alexa to provide a pitch on your products and services. You can even record a sales presentation, and stream that when they launch your class. Sometimes initial requests for information are best handled by directing people to a presentation. You can use Alexa to offer more information on various topics; think of Sky Class as an interactive brochure. If people reach a topic that requires a document or a form to fill out, they can say, "Email me more information," and Sky Class will email them whatever material you wish to attach. All you have to do is give your prospects the registration code. You could make this available (for example) on your web site.


Most people learn better when they are verbally instructed. Sky Class gives you the opportunity to train and orient employees, to listen to and review your material at their own pace. You can (for example) create an employee manual that they can browse on their own time, just by picking options. You can provide a series of training seminars for them to listen to, followed by interactive quizzes on the material. Using the power of Alexa, you can make your material accessible to them in an employee common space, a conference room, a private office, or from their home.

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