What Is Sky Class?

Sky Class is an Alexa skill that allows content to be developed and accessed by anyone with an Alexa-enabled device. It's free to install and launch. Create an account here, at the web site, then enable the skill on your Alexa device by saying, "Alexa, enable Sky Class." After Alexa welcomes you to Sky Class, say, "Link my account." Now you're ready to create a class, or join one yourself.

Click here to view the skill on Amazon's US Alexa skill store

Click here to view the skill on Amazon's UK Alexa skill store

Welcome to SKY CLASS

Sky Class is your gateway to voice-activated learning. Whether you are a teacher, trainer, or just want to use Alexa to provide helpful information, Sky Class makes it possible for you to set up and deliver secure content to the people in your circle. 

Create Business Content for Employees and Clients

Sky Class allows you to deliver training materials, user guides, and step by step instructions through simple voice commands.


Monetize Your Lectures and Training

Sky Class allows you to create curriculum and then restrict access based on a registration code. You have control over how that access is provided and can monitor its use.


Simplify Household Tasks Using Alexa

Want to leave some special information for your babysitter? Use Sky Class to answer their questions about bedtime, meals, and what to do in an emergency.



Sky Class is currently free to use, including file storage. Set up your class now!

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